The Healthy School Food Collaborative encourages all families to apply online for school meal benefits. It is our priority to ensure all qualifying children receive the correct benefits for their meals. Online applications are free of charge, processed year-round and all information is kept confidential. Within 10 days of receipt of the original application, notification letters are mailed to households by the schools. To begin the process, click the "Apply for Lunch" button to the right and follow the step by step instructions. If a parent or guardian cannot access the online application, all schools distribute paper benefit applications beginning July 1.


Information on Summer Feeding programs




Students will always be able to collect a school meal unless otherwise stated. For faster processing we encourage our families to make payments online using the "Online Payments" button to the right. If ever a problem occurs with processing payments online, schools will accept payments and deposits in their main office.


A primary goal of The Healthy School Food Collaborative is to positively impact the attitudes and behaviors children and adults have about food. We are able to do this by providing children well balanced meals and food education during school. Occasionally, there are discrepancies in applications for meal benefits and we have to verify the household information before we can approve an application. If your application is selected for verification we have a quick and easy process to make sure everything is set up on time. Please remember to complete all applications by October 1 of the current year in case there are discrepancies and we have to go through the verification process.

If you are selected for verification, you MUST respond within 10 days. The income your household provided is looked at and compared to the income provided in the original meal application. The results will be one of the following: no change, increase in benefits, decrease in benefits or termination of benefits. For more information about the verification process please contact your school's main office or send us a e-mail from our contact page.

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