Accountability & Research

The concept of "food fidelity" within the Healthy School Food Collaborative is ensuring school meal standards and SFA standards are being met by both school partners and food service companies. All school meal standards are included in our SFA food service management contracts. We believe commitment to nutritional standards, nutritional education and increased access to fresh and healthy food in schools will, over time, impact consumption of school meals as well as decrease childhood obesity.

In an effort to measure the impact of our SFA on student meal consumption and monitor the fidelity relating to school meals among our school partners and food service management companies, we have partnered with the Louisiana Public Health Institute to perform a plate waste and student meal consumption study of schools in our SFA. We are comparing student consumption data in our schools to that of participating non SFA schools. As we continue our studies, we look to implement health interventions and evaluate the success of each intervention.

SFA Evaluation phase 3



SFA Phase 4 Preliminary Evaluation Results

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